Useful Ideas

  Straining freshly picked and roasted pumpkin to use later for pies, cookies and loaf.

  Making Ricotta or any type of cheese using Hyp-bags.  


   Making your own nut milk is cheap, quick to do and does not have the chemicals that store bought milks have. Ratio = 1 part almonds/nuts to 3 parts water. Soak nuts in water over night, then rince. Add water and nuts to blender, blend, then strain in Hyp-bag. Don't be afraid to squeese the bag to get all the good milk from it. Sometimes I add a touch of vanilla for a treat.



Hyp-bags are amazing for drying herbs, as well as freshly picked potatoes, onions and garlic 


 I grow my own Chamomile, and use a Hyp-bag for harvesting, as well as drying. Then Hyp-bag tea bags are convenient for a lovely relaxing cup of tea on a cold winter night


Hyp-bags are so great for washing Quinoa and Rice. The fine mesh in Hyp-bags means you won't loose any of the precious grains.


 Brewing beer


Use a hyp-bag tea bag for your pickling spices when making pickles.


Hyp-bag tea bags are also great for mulling your favorite apple cider or wine.


You can make lovely sachets with Hyp-bags and your favorite Potpourri. I love my Lavender sachets scattered about the dresser and pillows.


Make your own Bouquet Garni with your favorite herbs and spices.


I use Hyp-bags for washing my wool socks in the washing machine.


I gathered wood chips from a chain saw, hung the Hyp-bags with chips inside and dried them by hangng on the back porch, same as I do for herbs.  Now I have a great fire starter for the wood stove, free and natural.


The childrens bath time toys can be kept in one bag ,hang it on the tap, and with the mesh the toys will dry between uses.


Your garden will love a drink from a Compost Tea, made from your compost bin using Hyp-bags to make the tea. Place your compost in a Hyp-bag, add water to a bucket, then place the hyp-bag with the compost inside into the water and let steep for a few days. Then pour the tea all over your vegetable/floral garden.  Sit back and watch your garden grow!

Use a Hyp-bag to help filter your fish tank pumps. You will be amazed at what it catches.


The only limit of useful ideas for Hyp-bags is your imagination.