I can feel the excitement of Spring being right around the corner. I am starting to plan our market season. Hyp-bags will be once again at the market this Spring Summer and Fall. The market is moving from Hopewell Cape to a lovely facility in an old church in Hillsborough. We are opening May 20, and will be open every Saturday till Oct 7th.  The hours of operation will be 8-1. Hope to see many of you there. 

It's a good time to be using Hyp-bags for all your straining and kitchen needs.

Put a few Hyp-bags in your pocket when you go to the farmers market to pick up your local produce and baked goods, as well as spices and herbs. You will be helping your planet (HYP) as well as saving the producer from having to use a plastic bag, thus helping to bring down their costs. 

I also have some beautiful totes for sale, that are lined and washable and look great too. The price $13.00 for the tote and if you can pick them up here ( by appointment ) you can save the cost of shipping which is $5.00 as they are bulky, not like my Hyp-bags.

These totes and reusable Hyp-bags make wonderful gifts for teachers, and also the loved one in your life.

Enjoy the bright sunny winter and you may have noticed the days are brighter longer every day!