Happy Winter Solctice Everyone!

I am now selling on, with the tag of  helpyourplanetbags. Things are going well there and I am selling around the World. I am sewing to get way ahead of the holiday season, so I'll be ready for you.

It's a good time to be using Hyp-bags for all your straining and kitchen needs.

Put a few Hyp-bags in your pocket when you go to the farmers market to pick up your local produce and baked goods, as well as spices and herbs. You will be helping your planet (HYP) as well as saving the producer from having to use a plastic bag, thus helping to bring down their costs. 

If you need more information on Hyp-bags or are interested in buying wholesale to sell in your region, contact me by email

I'll be back at the Hillsborough Farmers Market in May 2019 for the summer. I do hope you all stop in and say hello.

All the very best in 2019