Medium Multi Purpose/ Produce bag


Product Code: MEDJM77S8

Medium    12"W x 11"L (30cm x 28cm)  With a drawstring closure

The medium size bag is one of our most popular. It is used for purchasing multiple produce items, like apples, oranges, onion, peppers etc.

At home the medium bag is put to use in the kitchen, storing onions (it holds the mess from the skins) also storing carrots, and other root vegetables. Many people use the medium bag for straining while making jellies, cheese, and washing rice and quinoa, among other things.

In the garden, the medium bag is great for harvesting your favorites from the garden, washing them right in the bag, and then either storing them, or drying out herbs, freshly picked onions and garlic.

These are just a few of the many ways to use Hyp-bags.