Large Multi Purpose / Produce Bag


Product Code: LAR7E3JA58

Large      13"W x 15"L ( 33cm x 38cm)   With a drawstring closure

The large Hyp-bag is the perfect size for so many things, from buying produce to washing your fine washables.

The large bag is perfect for straining your jams, jellies, and cheese to name a few.

In the garden Hyp-bags can be used for harvesting your favorite produce.

Drying herbs in a Hyp-bag is the easiest and cleanest wasy to dry herbs. Hang the herbs either in a cool dark place or in a breezy porch. 

Also use Hyp-bags drying newly picked onions and garlic. The air flow in the bags makes the task easy.

Making a compost tea in a Hyp-bag is a great way to use up your kitchen scraps and also give great nutrients to your garden.