HYP-BAGS is a turn key business, meaning I have worked for years creating contacts in stores here in NB, Nova Scotia and Alberta, and Ontario, so far. All these stores are ordering more frequently and with higher numbers of bags ordered. 

Hyp-bags also has established a large following on Etsy that brings in excellent money weekly. 

Hyp-bags has an inventory of stock and all the supplies to carry through for a few months as well. For example, material, string, tags, envelopes, website already established, plus bags already made. 

I really feel this business can grow as far as you want it to. I have found the perfect material, and design that everyone raves about. 

I am also willing to help with the transition, and work along side for a time if needed. 

I still love working with this business, I just think it’s a great time for me to pass it on to someone else and let them grow it further. 

I hope this helps in your understanding what is available in this business. 

Anyone seriously interested in this business, please contact me @