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​​​​Re-usable produce/bulk item bags, with drawstring closures that will take the place of plastic in produce sections and bulk item sections of every store where the environment is a concern.

Hyp-bags has been nomimated for the Environmental Stewardship by the Albert County Chamber of Commerce in 2019.

Why Help Your Planet bags?  (HYP-BAGS?)

There is no doubt our climate is changing and having
a drastic impact on our environment. 
We are all seeing this for ourselves.
The polluting waste and by-products of disposable plastic shopping bags made from
petroleum have a negative impact on our environment.  The bags themselves can
take 1000 years to degrade in landfills and are easily blown across landscapes and
into bodies of water where they pose threats to marine life.
One way I can contribute to a solution is to provide an eco-friendly and affordable
alternative to plastic produce bags for the average Canadian consumer.  With an average
of 3 trips to the grocery store per week, each one of us could avoid using as many as
40 plastic bags per month!

Now selling on ETSY with the tag HELPYOURPLANETBAGS

There is no need to register on Etsy and they make it very easy for transactions.

Hyp-bags can also be found on  Icraftgifts.com  for the remainder of 2019.

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